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Watch: Trump Tells PA Hearing "Election Has To Be Turned Around"

• by Tyler Durden

"What we saw on November 3rd was not the United States of America. Democrats cheated. It was a fraudulent election. It would be very easy for me to wait 4 years and try again. We can't wait for 4 years. Don't be intimidated by these people. They don't love our country!"

"They kept poll watchers in pens in Philadelphia and then they threw them out of the building. You couldn't see a thing on those cameras. They could have been playing a baseball game."

"It's a disgrace this is happening to our country. We got 11 million more votes than we did 4 years ago. At 10pm in the evening we were way ahead. Everybody knows we won it. The whole world is watching us. We can't let them get away with this. We have more votes than voters!"

Trump ends his remarks by telling Giuliani over speakerphone:

"This is going to be your crowning achievement because you're saving our country."

Listen VERY closely to what this witness in PA says happened with roughly 600K votes during curious "spikes" in the vote count...

570K to Biden... just 3,200 to Trump?!?!?

— Dinesh D'Souza (@DineshDSouza) November 25, 2020