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To the Barricades … And to Church

•, By Ira Katz

 Yet, the terrible state of the world that includes national lockdowns (France is currently in its second lockdown) has made me think it is time to get over my psychological hangups. Perhaps due to my psychological issues it had slipped my mind that I actually had previously demonstrated to support Ron Paul during his presidential campaign of 2007-8. I went to a demonstration at the European Parliament building in Strasbourg as part of the original spontaneous tea party in December 2007. I also was there for this Ron Paul Meetup video filmed at the Trocadero across the river from the Eiffel Tower.

Paris is historically the ultimate city of demonstrations  (manifestations)  and revolution. Yet I had not heard of any demonstrations against the government  overreach  during  all of the first lockdown, nor the second. But when I became aware of small demonstrations around the country to reopen the churchs I felt compelled to participate. I found the following announcement searching the internet.

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