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Food bank lines keep growing across the country as National Guard soldiers hand out turkeys...


Lines are continuing to grow at food banks across the country as the financial devastation caused by the coronavirus pandemic is laid bare. 

Millions of Americans are currently going hungry, relying on volunteers and non-profit organizations to stay fed as Thanksgiving approaches. 

In Arlington, Texas, US Army Soldiers took part in a massive food drive, helping to distribute supplies to 6,000 families in need. 

The military members were seen handing out frozen turkeys at the gigantic distribution event, set up outside AT&T Stadium on Friday.  

The scene was repeated across the country, with more than 10 million Americans still out of work. 

The huge mobile pantry event in Arlington, Texas was organized by Tarrant Area Food Bank. 

CEO Julie Butner told CBS that it was the largest food drive in their history. 

'It's heartbreaking on the one side to see so many families and need our help that have never need our help before. On the other side of the coin is how the community has come together to do what is needed for those who need us to help them,' Butner stated. 

In neighboring Dallas, another food drive took place at University of North Texas, which helped to feed more than 1,000 people. 

 Some of those in need spoke with CBS, telling the news network they were thankful for the selfless efforts of volunteers. 

'It's been very rough for me. I've been out of a job for about eight months now,' local resident John Betsay said. 

Another man, Agnus Pinero, stated: "Thank you. This is a blessing, this is coming from God, and if we had a lot more of this going on it would be a lot easier.' 

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