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Daddy dangerous-care!

• by Sam Baker

Kenny Deuss created the @onadventurewithdad Instagram account to prank his worrying girlfriend at work

He edited the pictures after his partner regularly asked for photos of their baby to make sure she was safe

In the pictures, their daughter is seen operating a circular saw, walking a tightrope and even holding a gun

A father has started an Instagram page dedicated to winding his girlfriend up while she is at work and wants to know how their daughter is.

Sound and light engineer Kenny Deuss, from Antwerp, Belgium, who chose to stay at home one day a week, created the @onadventurewithdad account after his partner regularly asked him to send photos of their one-year-old daughter Alix to make sure she was safe.

Instead of doing as his girlfriend asked, Kenny set up the page as a joke, with prank pictures pretending to show their daughter in silly and 'dangerous' situations.