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SCIENCE FRAUD: Covid-19 vaccines were manufactured and stockpiled by the military...

•, by: Lance D Johnson

The largest looting operation of the year had to be the federal government's $20+ billion "Operation Warp Speed" vaccination program, a taxpayer-funded gambit that promised a safe and effective covid-19 vaccine before the 2020 election. Because the emergency vaccine program did not seek consent from American taxpayers, the final distribution plan will similarly coerce compliance and ignore any vestige of individual rights that the American people are still clinging onto.

A 60 minutes interview with the Army General in charge of the vaccine's distribution finds that the vaccine was already manufactured and stockpiled, long before it was even remotely tested and "approved" by the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA's three phase "gold standard" testing protocol wasn't even observed. The vaccines were manufactured and stockpiled in advance, in anticipation of approval, because vaccine makers get what they want, and they are held to no real scientific standard whatsoever. The vaccine makers also enjoy full legal exemption from liability when their products injure people. The new vaccines are untested instruments of force just waiting to be unleashed by the U.S. military.

Military targeting 300 million Americans for vaccination

General Gus Perna spoke with 60 Minutes about the biggest obstacle in the coming months: convincing Americans to get the vaccines. That's right, it's not about science. It's about coercion, about looking at people as if they are manipulatable pawns who have no dignity or self-decision. The final covid-19 vaccine is not a single dose shot, either. The first rollout requires Americans to submit to two shots, spaced out three weeks apart. Preliminary studies show up to six shots will be needed annually to maintain an illusion of immunity.