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The Future of Freedom

• by Jacob G. Hornberger

What are the chances of a free society given that there are obviously so many statists living in our country? Should we just throw in the towel and surrender to despair and depression? Should we throw our lot in with the reform-libertarians who long ago decided to devote their lives to reforming the welfare-welfare state and simply call their reforms "free market" and "libertarian"?

In 1890, Americans lived in a society without income taxation, the IRS, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, farm subsidies, education grants, Pentagon, CIA, NSA, FBI, drug laws, immigration controls, economic regulations, occupational licensure, minimum wage, foreign interventionism, coups, torture, foreign military bases, indefinite detention, state-sponsored assassinations, kidnappings, and bribery, Federal Reserve, fiat (i.e., paper) money, and other statism under which we live today.

Imagine being a statist in that society. Imagine the temptation to surrender to despair and depression. How would they ever get Americans to give up that way of life in favor of a statist system that has all of those features and more?

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