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COVID-19 Roadmap: 12 Step Plan To Create A Totalitarian "New World Order"

• by Tim Brown

One can step back from all the MK Ultra mind control through the propaganda of the mainstream media and lying politicians and clearly see that the CON-vid hysteria is the invisible enemy tyrants are using to push forward both the United Nations' Agenda 21 and advance toward Agenda 2030.  Below is ann infographic that provides the 12 step plan of using a virtually unproven "virus" to bring about the New World Order, and it's right on schedule unless the people stop it.

As World Plunges Into Poverty, Super Rich Top Unprecedented $10 Trillion Net Worth Thanks To Con-Vid-19

While You & I Get Poorer In The US, Super Rich See Exponential Jump of $282 Billion In Just 3 Weeks Due To Scam-demic

Rich Leftists Encourage People to Loot Their Neighborhoods

Study: Billionaires That Donated to Gates-Buffet Giving Pledge Now Richer Than Ever

The Faux Generosity of the Super-Wealthy: Why Bill Gates is a Menace to Society

Currently, we are on step 8 and moving quickly towards step 9.