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Are YOUR Name & Address On 'The List'?

• By Stefan Stanford

On October 19th, we published this story on ANP titled "'Satan's Communists And Anarchists' Brutally Attack Peaceful Conservatives - Another Warning To Arm Up To Defend Our Families Now, While We Still Can, With Leftists Pushing To Repeat History!" within which we reported upon numerous recent unlawful attacks by antifa/leftist terrorists upon law-abiding President Trump supporters while encouraging Americans to keep buying lots of guns and ammo to protect our families from this leftist insanity. 

While the mainstream media and 'big tech' have continued to 'blur' the costs and destruction of the violence carried out by antifa and blm in US cities across America as was reported in this Washington Times story, as Susan Duclos had warned in this October 21st ANP story, more and more evidence keeps emerging "They Want Us Dead If Trump Wins, And To Punish Conservatives If Biden Wins", with liberals threatening President Trump supporters with violence no matter who wins the election.

And with former secretary of labor Robert Reich calling for a "Truth and Reconciliation Commission" to be established to 'deal with' President Trump supporters coming soon after former msm talking head Keith Olbermann called for President Trump supporters to be 'removed from society', if you think that they haven't already put the mechanism into place to 'identify' such 'deplorables', have we got news for you.