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The Mandalorian season 1 recap: Where we left off with Baby Yoda, Mando and their allies

•, Sean Keane

Jumping into season 2 of a show like The Mandalorian -- or even checking out a trailer -- nearly a year after watching the previous season can be pretty jarring, so you might need a refresher before Baby Yoda and his sidekick make their Disney Plus comeback on Friday

Let's take a look at where all the characters left off at the end of season 1, which took place about five years after the Empire's defeat in Return of the Jedi and about 25 years before The Force Awakens. Disney also dropped a short recap video on Wednesday, and it's embedded below.


The season 1 finale saw Mando (whose real name is Din Djarin) tasked with reuniting Baby Yoda with "his own kind" by the unnamed Mandalorian Armorer. She also declared them a "clan of two" and granted Mando a very cool signet of a mudhorn -- the creature Baby Yoda saved him from in their first adventure together. He's pretty much the little guy's dad now.

This is the way.

He also started out the previous season with an intense distrust for droids, since his parents were killed by separatist battle droids during the Clone Wars (he was rescued and raised by the Mandalorians). After being saved from the brink of death by reprogrammed assassin droid IG-11, his anti-mechanical pal stance softened.