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Disobey: Drawing Your Line in the Sand

•, Corbett

We are living in world historical times and, like it or not, the choices that we make over the next few years will have profound implications for the future of the human species.

Whether or not to wear the mask. Whether or not to take the vaccine. Whether or not to get the health app. Whether or not to fill out the digital visitor card. Whether or not to take the chip.


Perhaps the most insidious thing that the would-be rulers of society have ever done is to convince the public that there's no choice to be made. That in each and every instance, you HAVE to do x, y or z.

But this is a lie. These are choices that we are making each and every day. They have always been choices.

Now, don't get me wrong: choices have consequences. There's nothing to say that you won't suffer for making the "wrong" choices in the coming years. In fact, the severity of the consequences that we face for making day-to-day choices are about to escalate greatly. "No jab, no job" quickly becomes "no vax, no travel" and, inevitably, "no injectable 5G luciferase microchip, no access to the market." Only those who are deliberately deluding themselves fail to see this by this point.

But, nonetheless, we make a choice each and every day to comply with what we know is wrong, or to refuse to go along with the charade. But we have a weapon at our disposal. A secret weapon that has been used throughout the centuries to bring down the dictators.