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"Am I Overreacting?" How Women Can Tell If Someone Is Really a Threat

•, by Daisy Luther

After all, nobody wanted to be considered rude or a "b*tch" so we were conditioned to be pleasant even if our warning bells were going off.

This did us an enormous disservice. After spending your entire life trying to be courteous, it can be incredibly difficult to deal with people in a more assertive manner. And to make matters worse, our upbringings set us up to have a lack of trust in our own judgment.

All of this can combine to put women at a distinct disadvantage when trying to figure out how to respond to a potential threat.

In a social media group I belong to, a reader asked about how she could have dealt with someone who came on her property rather aggressively. I replied to her question and some of the ladies in the group wanted to see an article on this topic.

Where I got my information

I have spent the past couple of years attending every course I can and voraciously reading about violence. The teachings of Rory Miller and Dr. Tammy McCracken have been especially influential. You can find Rory's books here and his Patreon account here. You can find Tammy's website here and her Patreon account here.

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