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A Major Terror Plot Targeting Trump Supporters Has Been Uncovered

•, By Dave Hodges

I have been warning about an impending TET Offensive that will visit our country courtesy of leftist subversive forces. This prediction is gaining momentum courtesy of several communications that have crossed my path in the past few days.

Three days ago, the following anonymous message was sent to me:

"Dear Mr. Hodges                                                                                                        October 17, 2020

For reasons that will be apparent, I will not specifically identify my employer. It would not take a lot of  "common sense" to make an accurate and educated guess as to who I am affiliated with.

I am writing to you because in the past you have indicated that if the Democrats do not feel they can win, their allies,extreme subversive groups, will ramp up their violent activities. You are correct.

We have intelligence which leaves little doubt as to the fact that certain Trump supporters are in the process of being identified and targeted. The information suggests that there a number of high profile targets. Members of your alternative media can expect to be targeted. Private individuals who have donated to President Trump will be harassed and possibly acted upon. Please note that the list of donators is publicly available to anyone. We expect that businesses that can be associated with the President's donation list will be targeted in a manner consistent with what we have seen in Minneapolis, Portland and Seattle."