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Interview 1585 – James Corbett Encourages You To Do Your Own Research

•, Corbett

They discuss the agenda behind this exhortation and why independent thinkers doing their own research is the bedrock of any truly free society.

Dan: So James, back in July I read an interesting article on, and it was an editor's pick so it must have been good, and the title of the article was: "You must not do your own research when it comes to science." And I kind of had a chuckle and it struck me right away. And of course the gist of the article was: Well look, all of us normal people, we have jobs, we've got families, wives, responsibilities, we couldn't possibly have enough time to research the important issues especially concerning medicine, and therefore you need to defer to the experts. After all I´m not an epidemiologist, so, okay, sounds reasonable. Can you find any flaws in that logic?

Corbett: I can find a few and I will encourage people at this point to go watch the video that I did on this subject called: "Don´t Do Your Own Research – #PropagandaWatch!" were for my regular propaganda watch series I dealt into this article. And not to perform a performative contradiction here and tell you: "Don´t look at his article!" Because of course, I think you should! You should research. You should study things for yourself. So I have a link in the show-notes for that video, not to forbes which clearly wants the clickbait, rage-click, "Hey, what is he talking about click", and they get the advertising dollars. I will lead them to where it does not go to their servers, they do not get the money for it, so I would suggest people would check that link. But do read the article and look at the argument that is being made, which, as you say, at the surface level sounds reasonable enough. But as soon as you start to dig into the details it becomes, shall we say, "problematic" to use the lingo of the moment.