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Learn How to Code in a Fun and Interactive Manner


People use all sorts of resources when learning code---books, online courses, tutorials, and more. While most online courses do have some interactive exercises to master code, some focus heavily on practice, which we believe is the best method.

Becoming a programmer requires a ton of practice, solving code challenges, and working on several small projects. Learning by doing is at the center of the coursework in the interactive learning to code bundle. Let us explore what this bundle offers.

The nine-course bundle offers a comprehensive e-learning package covering SQL, Javascript, PHP, CSS, Python, Java, Solidity, Bootstrap, and jQuery. Here are the details of the bundle:

An Interactive SQL Tutorial for Beginners: SQL has its applications in various contexts like finance, data analysis, scientific computing, web development, and more. You'll learn everything from scratch and build vital skills with interactive exercises.

An Interactive Javascript Course for Beginners: Javascript is pretty much everywhere on the web, and that's not likely to change any time soon. You'll learn the core javascript functions and build dynamic content for the web with hands-on exercises.

Interactive jQuery Tutorial — Learn jQuery Step-by-Step: This course will show you how to use jQuery by applying it on a website. You'll learn how to tap into jQuery methods, libraries, and event handlers to make website interactive.