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Fauci To Trump: 'No More Rallies!'

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The Trump/Fauci feud is heating up, as Fauci is furious about being featured in a campaign ad and Trump slams his pitching and prognostications. Fauci fired back by claiming that Trump's campaign rallies are dangerous virus spreading events. Is this the end for "Deep State" Fauci? Also today...are people getting Covid twice? Plus, a vaccine setback - what does it mean?

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I don't like calling anyone an idiot. So, I won't call Fauci one. He is either a very ignorant medical person, or he is a very shrewd take-over-the-world person. But he might simply be a stick-to-the-"party"-line-under-all-circumstances,-at-all-costs guy. Whether we live or die, stick to the party line. --- Dr. Andrew Kaufman at has some of the best info regarding why the whole Covid thing is fake. Watch the videos at the link.