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Trump To PULL TROOPS From Afghanistan By CHRISTMAS? - The TRUTH Behind The Breaking News

• World Alternative Media - Josh Sigurdson

It is certainly convenient that he is waiting until December. Let us not forget that Obama made the same claim of pulling troops from Afghanistan for his entire administration.

Many remember Trump's use of the MOAB in Afghanistan and putting more troops on the ground in Afghanistan over the last couple of years. With interventionism in multiple other countries in the middle east, there's reason to take the announcement with a grain of salt. With that said however, the media's response to the announcement is absolutely absurd and makes little to no sense. There's no consistency.

People like Rob Reiner are attacking Trump for the announcement despite having literally made movies about how terrible the wars in the middle east are and how the troops need to be brought home.

This is a problem of absurdity on BOTH sides. One more than the other.

The wars must end, the pillage must be stopped and making politics of the issue needs to be put to an end as well.