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EVIL In The Shadows - The Hidden Elite EXPOSED With FMR Hollywood INSIDER Melody Krell

• WAM - Tim Picciott - John Sneisen

On this episode of The Tim and John Show we invite former Hollywood actress MEL KRELL on to talk about who's really running the show and who is really controlling the world.

Some of the topics we discussed are:  
The Kazarians, Royal Bloodlines, and the Payseur family, Deposit Trust Company, Cede and Co, and who really owns your stocks.

The Act of 1871,the origins of The Virginia Company, and who really owns America, The FED, The big Banks, and the Global Financial Institutions.

The spiritual beliefs of the UN and the Lucis Trust, The Council on Foreign Relations, Cecil Rhodes, and the Rhodes Scholarship.

We go in to so much more on this journey through the under-belly of the control system that's been hidden from public view for so many years.

[Ernest Hancock interviews Melody Krell on the Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock Radio Show]