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The Super Elitist Treatment of Donald Trump

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At the center, he was given a dose of Regeneron's new antibody cocktail REGN-COV2 and also Remdesivir, an intravenous antiviral medication.

Here is the thing,  REGN-COV2 is still in FDA trials. If you came down with COVID-19 and your doctor wanted to give you a dose, he would not be able to order a dose for you. If you had the same symptoms as the president. It can only be used by patients with"serious or life-threatening conditions."

In other words, you need to be pretty much on your death bed for it to be cleared for use by you.

Remdesivir is also an experimental medicine.  It is not approved anywhere globally for any use.

Got that?

The president is being given two drugs that the average American has no chance of getting access to.

No doubt, the doctors treating the president understood that in trials to date there were some promising results from these medications with no serious side-effects. Thus it made sense to administer them to Trump.

But the question then becomes: If it makes sense for the president, why not allow it for others who are in a vulnerable but not serius category, like the president, and who are infected by COVID-19?

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