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"Get Your Popcorn":

• by Michael Every

Rumble in the Jungle; Thrilla near Manilla

First and foremost today, markets will be focusing on the first (and, some Twitter wisdom would have it, potentially the last) presidential election debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

This has all the makings of a classic to rival The Rumble in the Jungle between Foreman and Ali. Except in this case, almost everyone will be watching what they believe might be The Bungle in the (media) Jungle. Indeed, supporters of *both* candidates will be transformed into nervous parents at an expensive Ivy League prep school on the evening of their very young child's first-ever school play: rictus smiles and silent prayers as the curtain rises that their special one makes them proud rather than having a tantrum, forgetting their lines, falling asleep, or generally humiliating themselves. After all, neither man has a reputation for eloquence, remaining calm at all times, clearly getting their point across to neutrals, or remaining gaffe free.