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Elon Musk says he WON'T get a coronavirus vaccine because he's 'not at risk' ...


Elon Musk has revealed he will not get a coronavirus vaccine when they're available because he's 'not at risk' and defends keeping his Tesla factories up and running amid the pandemic. 

The 49-year-old tech giant defended opening up Tesla factories in defiance of lockdowns - a lengthy saga that has seen him sue Alameda County, launch a profanity-laden rant about how lockdowns are 'unethical' and allegedly fire employees who didn't feel safe enough to return to work. 

The Tesla and SpaceX founder said Monday in an interview with Kara Swisher on the New York Times' podcast Sway that even when vaccines are readily accessible, he won't take one.

When asked 'Will you get a vaccine? What will you do with your own family?' he curtly replied, 'No, I'm not at risk for COVID. Nor are my kids.'

He slammed lockdowns that unfolded across the country as a grave mistake. 

'I mean this is a hot button issue where rationality takes a back seat. In the grand scheme of things what we have something with a very low mortality rate and high contagion,' he said.

'Essentially the right thing to do would be to not have done a lockdown for the whole country but to have anyone that who is at risk quarantine until the storm passes,' he added.

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