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Jeffrey Tucker: Liberty Or LOCKDOWN - The COLLAPSE Of The Global Economy!

• World Alternative Media - Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson talks with Jeffrey Tucker of AIER about his new book 'Liberty Or Lockdown' in which he makes the case against the global lockdown we've witnessed take place almost everywhere in the world since March. In some places the lockdowns started in January. 

Not only is the lockdown unscientific, it's a level of tyranny that humanity in the modern ages have never seen on a global scale. The effects this lockdown has on the average person trying to work their 9-5 job is debilitating. 

28 million Americans face homelessness. Depending on the studies, anywhere from 25% to 81% of independent restaurants expect to go out of business by January. Regardless of the real number, millions of lives have been ruined in the United States alone. Imagine the toll on life world wide once this comes to a close... If it ever does. 

While we at WAM take a negative approach to predicting the next 5 years (though, optimistic about the 10 to 15 year period), Jeffrey Tucker takes a more optimistic approach and explains how he thinks this may turn around. 

Despite the potential of turning around, it's quite incredible what people have been willing to submit to in the year 2020. Few of us thought people would comply to the extent that most are.