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De-Googling an Android 10 Phone

• Rob Braxman Tech - YouTube

I go through the process of deciding how to configure an Android phone so there is no Google tracking of any sort in it. This video shows me using Android 10 AOSP on a Motorola Moto G7 Play (a 2019) phone, which currently has no support from LineageOS.

I vet several apps for use in a de-Googled phone and describe how it is possible for Android apps from Google Play to work when no Google services are available. A Moto G7 Play is a Project Treble phone and uses a standard GSI (Generic System Image) Which then has to be configured to support a particular phone model.

Not described in the video: This is a Android 10 GSI install, with no GAPPS and customized to work with the Motorola G7 Play.