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LIFE IS SWEDE Sweden has just 13 Covid patients in intensive care...

•, Christy Cooney

SWEDEN now has just 13 coronavirus patients in intensive care and an average of one death per day.

The news comes despite the country's controversial decision not to introduce a lockdown at the start of the pandemic.

Sweden opted to stick with the "herd immunity" strategy first pursued by Downing Street and allow the virus to partially spread through its population.

The approach initially saw its infection rate rise far above that in countries where lockdowns were imposed, but authorities argued it would be easier to maintain in the long-term.

In place of a lockdown, Swedes have been encouraged to follow social distancing and hygiene guidelines, with bars, restaurants and shops allowed to remain open throughout.

The country is now seeing just a few hundred cases diagnosed per day, while others are seeing infection rates begin to rise as lockdowns are lifted.

The rate of people in intensive care in Sweden now works out at just 1.3 people per million population.

The country's overall death toll of 5,843 does give it the sixth-highest per capita death rate in Europe, with only Belgium, Andorra, Spain, the UK, and Italy faring worse.

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