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The Democrats Are Fronting for the CIA Deep State's Color Revolution

• by Paul Craig Rob

 On September 8, I provided evidence from the Democrats themselves— .

Writing in J.B. Shurk shows that the Democrats are mobilized for the seven steps of color revolution described by Michael McFaul:

First, define Trump as a semi-autocratic and unpopular incumbent, create a united and organized opposition, quickly drive home the point that voting results were falsified, use the presstitute media to convince people the vote was falsified, mobilize large demonstrations to protest the "electoral fraud," and create divisions among the regime's coercive forces— 

The police are being neutralized by defunding and resignations. Obama removed the US military as an obstacle to the overthrow of a president by purging the general ranks and replacing them with men who see the military only as a profit system, the Constitution be damned.  You can read the details here: