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United Nations Secretary General is Signalling the 'Great Reset' is Coming


I have written before that under the cover of the COVID-19 panic the World Economic Forum is about to launch the Great Reset (See: BEWARE: The Global Crony Crowd is Going to Use COVID-19 as Cover to Reset the Economy and the World).

Now, António Guterres,  Secretary-General of the United Nations, has sent out a tweet encouraging the Great Reset:

They are going to use the COVID panic and mix it with Social Justice nonsense to attempt to rip up what is left of free markets and free people.

The World Economic Forum Great Reset conference was originally scheduled for January 2021 but has been postponed until the early summer of 2021.

This could be the most dangerous meeting of elites in history. In many ways, it could be comparable to The Constitutional Convention of 1787 but the outcome will have near-global application with much more sinister and anti-freedom goals.