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Dr. Pam Popper on Impeaching the Governor of Ohio and How Christians Are Being Influenced...

•, Dr. Pam Popper

Ohio state representative John Becker led Republicans in drafting ten articles of impeachment against Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, citing the governor's actions, like implementing a statewide mask mandate, closure of businesses, stay at home orders, and more, as "abuses of power." According to the Ohio Constitution, the House of Representatives has the the sole power of impeachment but requires a majority vote.

Dr. Popper reported that a group of group of prominent evangelicals are calling on Christians to follow the advice of public health experts, wear masks, get vaccinated and correct misinformation and 'conspiracy theories'. The pledge was drafted by leaders of  BioLogos, the nonprofit organization founded by Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, who is also is Anthony Fauci's boss. Dr. Popper says that while Christians are being recruited by BioLogos, which claims to represent Christian interests, the founder of the organization has accepted funding from the Templeton Foundation that is involved in depopulation efforts in Africa that were initiated by Bill Gates.

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Comment by Ed Price
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In my area in Arizona, we aren't under any kind of law requiring all kinds of Covid restraint measures. People are free to follow the government advisories or not. The two directions I would go if Covid laws and orders were set in place in my area, since Covid has not really been proven, is that I would invoice any government people ordering me to obey their advisories/illegal-laws to the tune of, say, $1 million. After all I wouldn't want them to act illegally against the 13th Amendment's "involuntary servitude" clause. Then I would make them prove in court that there was a Covid virus, and proof that it was reason for a pandemic. You can find all kinds of people who you could use for expert witnesses, who say there isn't a virus pandemic.