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Me and the NRA

•, by L. Neil Smith

This is not the venue in which to discuss why. I am far from religiously ignorant. My counselor for the Boy Scouts' God and Country Award, a Lutheran Air Force chaplain (and Estonian immigrant), was a benignly stringent taskmaster who knew I was a non-believer and kept me working at my studies about twice as long as usual until he was certain I was an informed non-believer. My first major in college was philosophy (there's a whole different story—Cancel Culture, circa 1964), where I was exposed to even more religious thinking.

This is also not the place to discuss the many ways, ethically, morally, scientifically, and socially, I disagree with just about every religious sect and institution you can name. The only thing I'm really interested in considering at this point is the mindless vandalism we're seeing being waged against religious sites and icons, and why they enrage me almost beyond my power to express it.