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Events In Redfield, Utah Point to a Massive False Flag In the Near Future

•, Dave Hodges

As the locals tell the story, the town of Richfield was literally forced to fund the cost of building a gigantic set of runways on their meager city budget. This area is not located near any metropolitan area so the expenditure is extremely out of place. Yet, as the locals tell the story, there have been 7 very large planes, for the first time, that have landed at the desolate, but large airport. I put out an all-call last night on Youtube for assistance in running down the details this story. Subsequently, I was sent "Flight-Tracker". If you have never seen this website, it literally tracks all planes. The size of the image of the planes is noticeable and this is significant because between 4AM and 530AM Pacific, I watched 3 large planes land in Richfield. I am going to leave the Richfield story for just a moment and jump to what I know about the secret space program, or should I say, the secret space programs.