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The Number One Reason Why COVID Was Introduced At This Exact Time In History (Part 1)

•, Dave Hodges

In arriving at the truth behind the release of COVID-19, we need to first realize who is behind this? The obvious answer is the global elite. Who is the global elite? They are the simultaneous robber barons and captains of industry. This unholy, satanic-serving group has made no secret of the fact that they desire a one-world-government and a one-world-economy. These are the two sides of the coin we call The New World Order (NWO). The intention of the on the NWO is establish a fascist-marxist corporate oligarchy which will serve as the executive means of control. The proof for this statement is omnipresent and the prima facia evidence resides in the nature and intent of the former trade agreement, The Transpacific Partnership. This agreement promised to bring a corporate panel of less that two dozen appointed oligarchs that would be able to erase the sovereignty of all government and establish itself as a corporate dictatorship. Fortunately for America and the Bill of Rights, President Trump erased the TPP from our future and Republic, minus the negative deep state influences, continued. However, this is proving to be a short-lived victory.