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Moderna takes millions in DARPA money, yet fails to mention taxpayer funding in...

•, by: Lance D Johnson

A new biotechnology company named Moderna is at the forefront of the covid-19 vaccination push, preparing to unleash new mRNA technology into human beings as soon as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) grants the company emergency authorization. The new mRNA vaccine technology has been covertly funded by the "Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency" or DARPA, which is a military research branch from the Department of Defense. DARPA has already awarded $25 million to Moderna, yet this has yet to be disclosed in the 126 patents and 154 patent applications put out by Moderna.

Because of this, taxpayers are involuntarily helping to foot the bill for the new cell modification technology that inserts genetic instructions into humans so their cells will begin producing properties of the coronavirus for auto-immune experimentation. These undisclosed funds are in addition to the approximately $1 billion in taxpayer funds that were taken from the public via "Operation Warp Speed" to invest in the controversial vaccine science.

Moderna's experimental vaccine got secretive DARPA funding, revealing dishonest motivations

Patent advocacy group KEI claims that Moderna has failed to disclose the DARPA funding, which shows Moderna's dishonest motives from the start. These dishonest motives are even more prevalent in how the company is using their press releases to embellish the clinical studies on their experimental vaccine project, to enrich their investors and keep funds rolling in.