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Thousands Of Swedes Receive Positive COVID-19 Test Results, There's Just One Little Problem…

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America's economy has been shut down and the livelihood of millions of Americans ruined over COVID-19 statistics and data that aren't even entirely accurate. In some cases, nowhere near accurate.

Now it looks like faulty BGI Genomics test kits out of China that have been widely distributed around the world are contributing to the chaos and confusion that is the coronavirus pandemic.

Around 3,700 Swedes received false-positive COVID-19 test results thanks to a faulty testing kit from China, according to Reuters who cited a statement made Tuesday by Sweden's Public Health Agency. The statement said that the kit was unable to distinguish between a very low level of the virus and a negative result.

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Why doesn't anybody see or understand from this, that this is the proof that Covid isn't the thing that is killing people around the world?