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SpaceX's NASA Contracts Called Into Question After Legislators Finally Wake Up To Musk's Chi

• by Tyler Durden

It appears that congressional negotiators are starting to take notice of just how cozy Musk and China have becoming over the last few years - and some of them are now "considering whether NASA contracts awarded to Elon Musk's SpaceX represent a potential national security risk" as a result, according to the Washington Examiner

Let us spoil the inquiry for them: yes. But now, it seems like it's not just us that understands this. 

A congressional Republican aide involved in NASA negotiations was quoted as saying: 

"What is there to stop them from going to Musk directly and saying, 'We'll call your line of credit early, unless you give us X, Y, or Z?' And, there's no real clarity that there's any kind of mechanism that would stop that other than good behavior by an individual."