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Right Kind of Stress Can Make You Resilient to COVID-19

•, by Dr. Joseph Mercola

Here, we discuss his latest book, "Stronger by Stress: Adapt to Beneficial Stressors to Improve Your Health and Strengthen the Body,"2 which came out July 26, 2020. It reviews the really important concepts of hormesis and antifragility.

"Part of the reason I wrote the book was to help people become more resilient and more robust, because the world we live in is full of unpredictable challenges," Land says.

"Pandemics and viruses are part of them, but there's also other potential dangers like global warming or fluctuations in temperature, different kinds of physical challenges that have been a part of the human condition for eons.

The modern human has become somewhat more fragile towards those things, and this kind of goes to show why most people just overreacted to the coronavirus and were really scared.