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The Election is Already Over and You Lost

•, Mish

We don't know that yet. And with mail-in-voting it's possible we will not know for days after the election is over.

But we do know who lost: all of us.

This post comes from one of my readers, "Anna" who replied to my post Biden is a Huge Favorite to Win the Election.

Here are Anna's comments.

The election is over. You lost.

We will spend more on war. More on zombie corporations. More to lobbyists. More to the rich. We will continue illegally occupying countries and invading new ones. More on treating Americans like they, too, are a conquered people to be watched over and lied to.

Either trump or biden has already won. How did they win? For the past year, all media aligned with the state told you who was electable. You accepted it.

Now, go complete your performance in the farce — by voting on election day.

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I respectfully reject the author's presumption of "we" this, "we" that. I do not have a rock/turd in my pocket and I have no interest in frog-French. This VFW, whose "white privilege" and deaf ear didn't exempt him from the draft in '67, humbly suggests other GROUPed/GUNned/GARDENed and . . . System-D SIMPLIFIED on a portion of arable, UN-addressed/UN-encumbered inland, rural “allodial” GROUND . . . “carry on”! “Thrive-in-place”! Lock[ed] and load[ed]. NO Fear/Hate when,"... where two or three GATHER together ...", What/Who "abides"? “JC always before me/us” cuz ... there are no atheists in foxholes! Daily increasingly grateful/thankful to still be active/un-medicated and daily engaged in COLLABORATIVE PRODUCTIVE enterprise while "... the whole shit-house goes up in flames” - Jim Morrison. 'Nuf said and ... "a little closer to Home". Hoo-rah.