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Doug Casey on The Biggest Threats to Your Personal and Financial Freedom Today

• by Doug Casey

How do you see this trend evolving?

Doug Casey: It's clearly a worldwide trend. The only exceptions are obscure places like North Macedonia, Belarus, and Nicaragua—and they have plenty of other, much more serious problems—and of course, Sweden, which is almost unique among advanced countries in not falling victim to the mass hysteria. Life there has gone on more-or-less normally since March as a result.

It's not just the national governments, which are bad enough. States, provinces, cities, and counties have taken advantage of the hysteria to "do something" and lock down. For example, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is putting armed guards around main entrances to New York to keep people out.

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Comment by Ed Price
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There are positive points in almost every situation. Continually posting the negative points only depresses people. See my below comment.

Comment by Ed Price
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What is really going on is that government has become a "has-been." And government people know it. So, they are trying to reduce our social interactions with facemasks. Well, it will backfire on them. As we get sick of being socially separated, we will get rid of the facemasks, and start living without formal governments. After all, the stuff that governments do are mostly done to make government people some money, or to make it look like they are doing something useful, like a sales pitch to us, so that we think they have an excuse to exist.