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Fox News doctor wants unvaccinated children to wear yellow badges, just like Jews had to wear

• Natural News - Ethan Huff

(Natural News) Dr. Marc Siegel, a regular contributor at Fox News, is back in the news again for making outlandish suggestions concerning mandatory vaccinations.

Siegel reportedly told Tucker Carlson the other day that children who do not get vaccinated for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) should wear a yellow pin indicating that they are not to be hugged for alleged safety reasons.

Similar to the infamous yellow star patch that Jews had to wear in Nazi Germany, the yellow pins that Siegel believes are necessary accessories for unvaccinated children contain the words "No Hugs Please" with a red line slashed through them.

The pin is basically a warning to others that the child wearing it has not been jabbed with Big Pharma chemicals, and is thus an "unsafe" individual who should be avoided, shunned and deprived of normal human affection.

"Here's one other thing we have to do, sadly: 'No Hugs Please,'" Siegel explained to Carlson, who glared back at him with that iconic disapproving look.

"Now, if you look at this pin, Tucker, it looks like something you might remember: 'No Smoking Please.' Let's give our kids all of these pins, 'No Hugs Please,' sadly, but I'm going to say this, with this pin, or shirts, 'No Hugs Please,' we're going to get 26 candidates for a vaccine coming out in the clinical trials right now."

According to Siegel, once these vaccines "emerge," society will finally be able to "beat this thing, and then [the pin] is going to go in the garbage." Until that time, all children should be avoided, according to Siegel. And those who do not get these future Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) will have to be avoided forever while they walk around branded as untouchables.

Once everyone gets vaccinated, Siegel contends, society can go back to normal and "we're all going to hug each other." But this is contingent upon everyone getting vaccinated, and parents showing their children "courage" by leading the way.