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Great News From Washington (And It's NOT Kamala Harris!)

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Will presidential hopeful Joe Biden choice of a pro-war authoritarian as his running mate give him the edge over Trump? Is there any issue Kamala Harris is not terrible on from a libertarian point of view? But there is good news out of Washington: President Trump has chosen a new coronavirus advisor who opposes lockdowns and believes the virus is actually under control. Will Fauci start packing his bags?

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Comment by Ed Price
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Ron Pail's points are great points to talk about. In addition, they might be somewhere down there near the bottom of what counts, legally. But Ron Paul is doing more damage to freedom by not pointing out the basic thing. Which is, if you are damaged by anybody in government, president or senator or congressman, sue the sucker, man-to-man, for the damage he did. Forget the whole blab that RP generally talks about. Get to the point of suing government people for harming you. Sue them man-to-man in common law court of record. --- Regarding Covid, there is no foundational proofs for a virus, even SARS. The foundational tests weren't done properly. See and watch his videos where he breaks down the failures in properly identifying the virus.