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New Zealand Revives Lockdown 2 Months After 'Declaring Victory' Over Coronavirus: Live Updat

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Goldman weighs in on US outbreak

Auckland back on lockdown as first cluster of covid cases discovered in 102 days

Russia approves world's first COVID vaccine

Global COVID total tops 20 million

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Update (0920ET): Here's an excerpt from Goldman's latest daily COVID research, which again affirmed that case numbers in the US continue to decline: "The number of new confirmed coronavirus cases has been declining nationally over the past few weeks, but case levels remain elevated in much of the country. The positive test rate has ticked down from its peak in July."

"But looking at additional testing data clouds the picture somewhat. The US is now performing fewer coronavirus tests nationwide compared to a couple weeks ago, with Florida and Texas contributing much of this decline. In these states and a few others, cases rose to very high levels in the summer virus resurgence and have now fallen sharply. But over the past few weeks as cases declined so did the number of tests conducted, leaving the positive test rate very elevated."

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They really thought they had it licked.

After surmounting what was at worst an extremely mild outbreak, New Zealand declared "victory" over the coronavirus two months ago, only to see a mild spike two weeks later.

Since the very beginning, New Zealand's COVID-19 response effort, led by progressive prime minister Jacinda Ardern, was infused with the pinch of "compassionate" social justice, as the island nation focused on using it as an opportunity to look into how to recalibrate society to make more time for leisure by adopting a 4-day work-week.