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The Beginning of the New Digital Reality? (Publisher Recommended)

• - Allan Weisbecker

(Publisher: Holy crap... I tried it.

Some results at end of article, Soooooo, busted)

The Beginning of the New Digital Reality?

by  on August 9, 2020 in Blog • 6 Comments

I did a google search for '606 new cases', got this page, then clicked the top story. (Next image)

Another long silence and I'm not sure why. Am I on the edge of giving up?

Maybe not. I came across someone on YT saying that if you plug any three digits plus 'new cases' (or 'new COVID cases') into Google you will always get a direct hit headline from some newspaper with that number of 'new cases' in the headline. 

So I tried it and sure enough I always got a headline matching my search number. But what I did that the YT vid didn't do is this: In a separate search I looked up that newspaper for that date and guess what? The headline was different. The other headline, the one with my imaginary number, was bogus

Notice the date (August 8) and headline claiming 606 new cases (my arbitrary number).

I've done 8 such searches (again, for any three numbers plus 'new cases'), like the above example ('606') and I ALWAYS get a newspaper running the story with that number in it.

I did it for 101, 202, 303, and so forth. Always the same result. When I find the real edition for that date, the headline is different.

In a separate search I got the real front page from the same newspaper on August 8, 2020 (same date). Not the same headline, is it? The other one is bogus, a fraud. 

Sooooo, they have an A.I. algorithm that's doing this. Using real newspapers and changing the headlines so no matter what you google, you get a direct hit with that number of COVID cases.  It's a dead obvious bust that we're being fucked with. No way around it. Orwell is somewhere nodding his head. Talk about re-writing history!

Try it yourself. Only takes a couple minutes for each one. Make up a three-digit number (it will work with 2 and 4 digit numbers too) then add 'new cases' (or 'new COVID cases') and do a search. Then find the real edition of the paper for that date. 

This is with a google search. Logan suggested that it might or might not be the same with other search engines. So, folks, get to it and do screen shots of your work. Try various search engines to see if they are all corrupted in this way.

A different paper, August 9, after a search for '101 new covid cases'.

And spread the word. Use this post or write your own stuff. This is the kind of clear cut, inarguable bust that might wake some people up. Is there any explanation other than the PTB literally rewriting history to scare us? If you know anyone who doubts that COVID is a fraud, ask them to explain this phenomenon.

They might kill this algorithm when they realize they are busted, so get to it… and record your work.


Here is the real paper. I even did a site search for '101' and came up empty. A massive fraud by Google.

I want to get this out now, before they realize that this is a dead bust, that there is no other explanation, and they 're-re-write history' by canceling the op…

…there are huge implications to this. Think about it. I'll do another post after I've thought it through, and I'd like to hear your analyses of what this means.

If they do away with hard copies of the written word (books, all records, etc.), and make everything digital….

I only have room for one more example (I did eight). This is the real paper from Augiust 9.

This is the bogus one, same date. My search was for '505 new cases'. When will the history books (such as they are) be diddled like this? Do you understand the implications, especially when hard copies are a thing of the past?