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Owen Benjamin vs. Patreon lawsuit, what are the possible implications?


The former Sullivan & Son star become a lighting rod for controversy the last few years as he began to grow disillusioned with Hollywood and take progressively more aggressive and controversial stances online and in his webcasts. He's been accused of all different kinds of hate speech and anti-semitism which eventually let to his suspension and later banning from most social platforms and Youtube. Leading the comedian to self-produce his own specials and host a subscription show on his own website.

One of those platforms that Benjamin was kick off was the fan-subscription site Patreon, where Benjamin could continue to work and get funded by his fans. Upon his ouster Benjamin sued the site for the dismissal at the cost of $3.5M and encouraged his fans to do the same. His fans answered and followed suit, 72 of them in fact, filed claims against Patreon citing the same reasons Benjamin claimed that by banning a Creator it disrupts the economic relationship between Creator and Backer. A legal term called "tortious interference with a business relationship."