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After trying to frame the donning of masks as 'patriotic,' President Trump announced he was canceling his Jacksonville, Florida convention. "I looked at my team, and I said the timing for this event is not right. It's just not right. To have a big convention, it's not the right time," he said.  

The U.S. is seeing some cities ordering new traveler quarantines, and mayors are urging residents to wear masks, even in the confines of their own home. New York state has instructed people traveling to the tri-state area from 31 U.S. states that they must self-quarantine for 14 days.  

Fear! Is this the dreaded second wave?

In early April Stanford University professor of medicine and epidemiology, Dr. John Ioannidis,  published research on COVID. It concluded, "People <65 years old have very small risks of COVID-19 death even in the hotbeds of the pandemic and deaths for people <65 years without underlying predisposing conditions are remarkably uncommon.

At the time, Dr. Ioannidis and co-authors suggested that strategies should focus on protecting high-risk elderly individuals. His data-driven, scientifically supported calls were ignored. Despite this dire warning, multiple states, like Governor Andrew Cuomo's New York, packed nursing homes with COVID-positive patients, decimating a generation of elderly Americans. 

During a Fox News interview, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul recently called for Cuomo's impeachment for "the worst public policy and public health decision, maybe in a century."