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Kabuki Pushback

• Eric Peters Auto

Apparently, that's just what's happened. Or rather, hasn't.

Because of it.

The saying of no.

Wal-Mart, Kroger, Lowes, Home Depot and a number of other national store chains decreed a couple of weeks ago that everyone must Diaper to enter. They did so in an almost . . . conspiratorial manner, all at once and in conjunction with a sudden spike in Fear Porn about the cases! the cases! – i.e., the number of people who tested positive for having Corona, though not usually any symptoms and almost never death – the latter almost never mentioned by the  Fear Organ grinders, for all the ought-to-be-obvious reasons.

Good news – "mandatory" Diapering no longer is.

Because enough of us said no. And their fear – for a change – of possible repercussions.

These chains have just announced modifications of their mandates – policies, really – out of concern over the possibility of confrontations initiated by the Diaper'd and demented against the Undiapered, who aren't. The latter are there to shop – and who, in mentally healthier times, would have done just that and no more. But the Undiapered are under increasing psychological assault by the mentally unstable – the Diaper Demented – for whom it is not enough to wear the Diaper themselves – and leave others alone.

Which, if sickness were at issue – and Diaper-wearing effective at preventing it – you'd think they'd be content with, since the Diapered are protected and the Undiapered can't spread sickness they haven't got.

That being what is regularly asserted is "the science."

But  – as also ought to be obvious by now – it's about compliance – the Diaper being the physical symbol thereof.

The antidote for that is defiance.