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When the Present Bolshevik Revolution Is Complete, Millions Will Be Sent to Re-Education Camps!

• by Dave Hodges

The parallels between the Bolsheviks and the modern day extreme leftist groups of George Soros (America) completely align with the Lenin revolutionaries. The Bolsheviks had a popular phrase that we will soon incessantly hear if and when the Democrats (ie modern day version of the Bolsheviks) seize power over the American people. The downtrodden of the American society will form the backbone of the modern day version of the Bolshevik terrorists. During the Bolshevik Revolution, Russia was broke and the effects of World War I were devastating. Today, Covid-19 replaces the impact of World War I on the American people. Covid-19 may constitute a real threat against the elderly with underlying health conditions, however, for the vast majority of Americans the threat is little more than any other virus. Yet, the American people have let themselves become destitute with the widespread and general lockdowns imposed by mostly Democratic Party mayors and governors. This is all part of the plan to collapse the economy, piss off the working class and incite a civil war.