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The COVID-19 Mask-Freaks And Other Related Government Protocol Enforcers


I don't wear a mask outside but I do inside--I would just be attacked not stop if I didn't wear it inside. I just keep the mask off my nose so that I don't breath back in the extra carbon dioxide and ethanol.

But my definition of "outside" is very broad. I don't wear masks on elevators, for example.

When I am using the elevator at my residence or office, I am on a high floor so I am usually the first on when it is heading down. When it opens to another floor, there is usually someone with a mask on waiting to head down.

The elevator protocols are that it is only one party at a time in the elevator but I will say to the mask wearer, "You can come on if you want." Half do and are grateful, half say they will wait for the next elevator.

But every once and a while you get a mask enforcer freak. But what is remarkable about these enforcers are their weakness of presence. I mean it is visible.