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Authorities Are Still Looking for Any Clear Motives for the Attack

•, By Allan Stevo


Each year adults all over the "developed" world spend the first half of the year working without pay, in a form of slavery creatively called the income tax.

It's slavery.

Doesn't matter what foolish name they give it.

Each year, tens of thousands of people around the globe learn who really owns their home when they neglect to pay taxes on it and are forced out.

Property tax they call it. No matter whose name is on the deed, skip your property tax payments and be reminded that you're just a tenant with no actual property rights.

It's tenancy.

Doesn't matter what foolish name they give it.

I make something. You like it. You offer to buy it from me. I say yes. We agree to a price, and you pull out the money. Some guy sticks his hand through the window and takes 13% of the money just as it's passing between your hands and mine.

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Comment by Ed Price
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All that the IRS can do is go by your signed paperwork. When you tell them on their Form W-4 that you have 5 exemptions, you are telling them that you agree to be under their taxing system. Instead, fill out your W-4 with your name, address, and SSN, same as usual. Then on all the lines, write "n-a" and sign the W-4 "non-assumpsit" (no contract) your sig. Then, write "EXEMPT" across the form before you send it to your employer. And make sure you don't have any other agreements with the IRS.