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A Nation at War by Usarmyretiredsgm


I just watched the movie, "Mr. Jones", and highly recommend it. It is in a nutshell a story that deserves wider exposure to show that the rot in American journalism goes back over a hundred years when it comes to defending communism and its derivative barbarisms. It portrays Walter Duranty as the evil and conniving New York Times communard apologist he was. He even got a Pulitzer Prize for Stalin stooge reporting. He covered up famine, death and countless crimes against humanity to protect his precious fever-dream of communism, the modern NYT continues the proud and loathsome tradition.

Nothing changes, huh?

We are all Rhodesians now.

Get to the range.

The author of the guest post served with me in Afghanistan.

We are a nation at war, whether ready to accept it or not, it is upon us. What happens in the near future will determine not only our country's fate, but the world as a whole.  If you doubt this then I can only surmise you are one of our enemies or simply one of the dumbed down useful idiots, the powers that be are utilizing to advance their agenda.  What we determined as normal at the beginning of 2020 will never return, without much loss of life.

The war is one of design by globalist who have been hell bent on destroying this country since Woodrow Wilson was "president".  Make no mistake, their plan is a long game rapidly coming to a climax, whether one is onboard or reticent about the outcome makes no difference.  The events of this year pulled back the curtain on the activities of the power brokers whose sole purpose is to destroy the working class and subjugate us to the wills of those individuals behind this activity.  The goal is the elimination of our remaining freedoms and ensuring we are nothing more than tax cattle whose sole purpose is to feed the state.