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MASSIVE TWITTER HACK! - Elon Musk & Others Targeted By Bitcoin SCAM!

• World Alternative Media - Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson reports on a massive breach of Twitter as accounts by Elon Musk, Gates, Apple, Jeff Bezos and others were targeted with a Bitcoin phishing scam.

The phishing scam is well known within the cryptocurrency community. It targets people who don't understand how Bitcoin works and asks people to send a certain amount of Bitcoin to an address and get double the amount back.

Unfortunately people keep falling for it.

This is a lesson to millions of people that they must be weary of such scams. They're essentially the next generation of email phishing scams asking for credit card info.

This of course is not an indictment of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies themselves, but an example of increasingly desperate, greedy people in an extremely polarizing time utilizing tools to fool the ignorant.