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Ex-Google robotics director reaches high with Stretch helper bot

•, By Paul Ridden

"What sets this robot apart is its extraordinary reach which is why we named it Stretch," said Edsinger, who co-founded Hello Robot with Dr. Charlie Kemp, an Associate Professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Georgia Tech. "Its patent pending design makes possible a range of applications such as assisting an older parent at home, stocking grocery shelves, and wiping down potentially infectious surfaces at the workplace. We see Stretch as a game-changing platform for researchers and developers who will create this future.

"Stretch's base has the look of a robot vacuum cleaner, and has a meter-plus pole rising up from one side with a telescoping arm sprouting from it. This arm can move up and down the pole – "from just above the floor to well above countertop height" – and can be extended to 52 cm (20.4 in) out from the edge of the base.

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