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£1k Bounties for Care Homes to Take Covid Patients Show Bojo Can't Dodge Blame for UK's Deat

•, By Damian Wilson

The uproar caused by PM Boris Johnson blaming care homes for the spread of coronavirus shows no sign of lessening, following revelations that cash was paid to those facilities prepared to take in hundreds of untested patients from hospitals as a council desperately tried to free up beds.

BoJo's apparent "misspeak" – an excuse when someone unintentionally reveals what they truly think – that "too many care homes didn't really follow the procedures in the way that they could have" has opened the floodgates to revelations of some very dubious behaviour at the outset of the pandemic.

And right up among the many missteps made throughout this crisis is the rush in Birmingham, the UK's second largest city, to empty its NHS hospital beds of hundreds of patients, freeing up space for an expected flood of critically ill coronavirus victims.

To expedite this, the City Council admits it paid 16 care homes an incentive of £1,000 each to take in hospital patients. The proviso at the time was that the care homes had to move quickly and accept the discharged patients, whether or not they were infected with the virus.

A council spokesman suggested the incentive could have been used to buy PPE, pay extra staff, or provide for deep cleaning.

No one did anything shifty; Birmingham City Council was simply looking for solutions. But still, how did it think this would play out?