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Severely colorblind man, 44, breaks down in tears as he sees a rainbow of vivid colors...


FOOTAGE captures the emotional moment a dad sees color for the first time in his life.

Dan Brogger, 44, from Stockton, California, had his world changed as he put on the pair of special EnChroma glasses gifted to him by his three sons Peter, 17, Ben, 16, and Sam, 14, for Father's Day. 

The glasses which cost $350 allow people like Dan who are colorblind to be able to see colors vividly - with the specs giving many of those people the chance to actually view colors for the very first time. 

Before trying the glasses, Dan had never been able to see or identify colors before - but remarkably in the video, he is suddenly able to list off the shades of every balloon in front of him, as well as see the beautiful flowers in his garden.  

Overwhelmed with emotion at seeing such incredible colors, Dan couldn't help but shed a few tears of joy in the process.  

'Are you crying?' his wife Adrianna asks as Dan reels off all the different colors of the balloons she was holding up - prompting him to insist, 'no', while wiping away tears. 

'Oh Dan I love you, isn't that so cool?' Adrianna then says. 

Speaking through his tears, Dan continues to identify all the different colors around him, pointing to balloons and then flowers as he tearfully points out every different shade around him.